Sunday, December 27, 2009

gudbye cfp class of 2009

i kno i kno i haven't been update for d past few months already...but again who cares?whr r all of my readers?LOLX!!tat's d point i tink i dun even have one....lmao~~but who cares
well 2009's d yr whr i entered my 1st college in inti...ok wait it's d 2nd time already..d 1st time was in ptpl college but it din gimme a good impression though(no offense to ptplian,tat was juz my perception aite lol) .So, becuz of tat.i've decided to switch to inti college.Bcuz it was my 1st college yr,it really did gimme some good memories..n here r some of d group gudbye cfp 2009 =(

dis was one of the best outtings dat i've enjoyed wif them..i tink LOLX!!again who cares....

others im nt gona upload it...cuz IM TOO PRETTY TO BE IGNORED!!!=O
OOPS!!!!!wad does tat mean??