Tuesday, August 10, 2010

BoA=best of asia haha!!!!

kinda get addicted to her new single lately which is "hurricane venus"LMAO!!!wad can i say??BoA jjang!!!hwaiting...=S

enjoy...till then buh bye!!xoxo

Friday, June 4, 2010

emo emo emo...erm???

annyeonghasaeyo dear bloggie am bak to blog again@@ hehe...well im juz gona blog abt a short post..i'll update d rest d nxt time once im done wif my exams..first of all...y am i emo??i kno..cuz exam's comin..stupid rite??n y d hell am i soo soooo nervous compared to my previous exam??aha cuz dis is my first degree exam...die die die...am nt really prepared yet..si liao la LOLX!!kk tats all..till nxt time annyeonghikasaeyo

emo emo emo...for lame reasons LOLX!!!exams...ya exams X.X

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


hmm...tuesday...okay first of all INTI went blackout so all classes had been cancelled which is a gud thing(so we had a 4 hrs break)~~YAYYY!!=D
So,went to Gurney wif Leeanne,Boon Siang and Allen...
We were thr abt 9sth i tink so most of d shops are still closed.So,we had a sit at Coffee Bean.
I ordered a double choc ice blend(*points dwn)
Leeanne were suppose to share dis wif me but ended up me drinking it alone haha!!!
damn full la wei lolx DAMN U!!!haha jkjk=P

i purposely put 4 straws so tht they could help me finish it!!
ok,maybe they did helped abit but oni a few sips nie...
Leeanne n Allen had a few sips..erm but Boon siang...nt sure haha!!
cmon damn full la after drinking it...so had to skipped part of my lunch haihz kesian

After tht wanted to catch a movie but d movie oni starts at 12sth...
so,went to d arcade
hehe!!!had 2 laps of car racing wif Allen n Boon Siang..n guess wad?
i won!!*wink wink!!!well tht feels damn gud!!sry sry too sua pa gao again d lmao!!
ok..let's make it short aite?had McD be4 we went bak to college
well thts all...till nxt time adios^^

Thursday, March 4, 2010


hmm..went out wif Richard ,Jackson n Louise to redbox..really have lots of fun thr*wink wink^^
n guess wad pple??LOLX!!!i gt a mini mug frm Harvard!!!lalalala....sua pa gao la me lolx
ok no...it was actually a souvenir frm Jackson who juz came bak frm a business conference in Harvard=Dah blame my hp for d blur image =P
c!!!HARVARD ah..dun play play...juz can't help it
being to sua pa kao d..paiseh paiseh lmao

Thursday, February 25, 2010

woo woo woo~~~BAM!!!!=O

Went to inti's orientation ytd...hmm nth much but juz a boring one...no ice breaking or games session.It's juz a plain boring orientation...juz pple giving speech all d time...bla bla bla..=X!!

After tat went to queens to catch a movie wif ah goh n carrie n den suddenly leeanne txt us a message saying tat she could'nt come...ah damn shitty lolx
Wanted to watch Piercy Jackson but ended up watchin 72 tennants of prosperity...
after tat we went to the arcade to play some car racing. After tat bought ah goh a lipstick as a bday gift be4 we headed back home n here comes "d part"..
3 of us were like shouting woo woo woo woo in d car while ahgoh was driving n den thr was a curb infron't of ahgoh's car but she din saw it....so i guess u guys kno wad happen in d end BAM!!..ok no luckily i saw it n i was like "ah goh!!curb!!"so she manage to turn her stearing wheel on time but den her car still hit onto d fron't part of the curb..but luckily her car wasn't very badly damaged..juz a lil damage on her bumper..it's nt reali obvious though
last but nt least
happy bday ah goh =D
look who's in d hse??n whr d hell is my eyes?ok i tik i nida trim my hair one day
hellooooooo annyonghasaeyo ^^
dua gu act gina LMAO!!n ignore my expression..too pretty to be ignored =X

Monday, February 22, 2010

HAYLO!!! 2010

well 1st of all let's skip d part whr i've created another new blog....long story..hehe
okay!!so hello 2010!!!...err..i kno it's abit too late to do so but who cares anyway lol
i guess thr's nth else for me to update anymore..juz wana say welcome 2010 bye 2009..=O
notice sth??yea juz give my hairstyle a slight chnge
nice?nice?=S do say YES aite??LOLX
that's all!!!!till then c ya =D

Saturday, February 13, 2010

one day be4 CNY

yahoo!!wad i did one day be4 cny..ok...here's wad most pple did..spring cleaning!!yep tht's d word..unfortunately for me..i have to help out my dad for my hse's inner garden..yep d garden is located inside my hse(juz right beside my living room) nt outside my hse compound..=] special leh??hehe
n ya nt to mention tat my dad done n design all of this all by his own...tat's right superdad...lmao!!!n credits to me also la by helpin out sometimes =S

hmmm n besides tat i received a bouquet of flowers frm him*wink wink
here...my mum thinks tat it's nice so she ask me to display it at my living room for decoration...LMAO!!!
cookies tat me,carrie n my mum baked fo cny..tat's walnut cookies...^^
walnut cookie...lolx
juz posin wif one of my new yr's dress...nice??HEY!!!it's part of my preparation for cny aso k!!!LOL!!!
allright!!!that's all....till then adios sucker =O