Tuesday, March 9, 2010


hmm...tuesday...okay first of all INTI went blackout so all classes had been cancelled which is a gud thing(so we had a 4 hrs break)~~YAYYY!!=D
So,went to Gurney wif Leeanne,Boon Siang and Allen...
We were thr abt 9sth i tink so most of d shops are still closed.So,we had a sit at Coffee Bean.
I ordered a double choc ice blend(*points dwn)
Leeanne were suppose to share dis wif me but ended up me drinking it alone haha!!!
damn full la wei lolx DAMN U!!!haha jkjk=P

i purposely put 4 straws so tht they could help me finish it!!
ok,maybe they did helped abit but oni a few sips nie...
Leeanne n Allen had a few sips..erm but Boon siang...nt sure haha!!
cmon damn full la after drinking it...so had to skipped part of my lunch haihz kesian

After tht wanted to catch a movie but d movie oni starts at 12sth...
so,went to d arcade
hehe!!!had 2 laps of car racing wif Allen n Boon Siang..n guess wad?
i won!!*wink wink!!!well tht feels damn gud!!sry sry too sua pa gao again d lmao!!
ok..let's make it short aite?had McD be4 we went bak to college
well thts all...till nxt time adios^^