Thursday, February 25, 2010

woo woo woo~~~BAM!!!!=O

Went to inti's orientation ytd...hmm nth much but juz a boring ice breaking or games session.It's juz a plain boring orientation...juz pple giving speech all d time...bla bla bla..=X!!

After tat went to queens to catch a movie wif ah goh n carrie n den suddenly leeanne txt us a message saying tat she could'nt come...ah damn shitty lolx
Wanted to watch Piercy Jackson but ended up watchin 72 tennants of prosperity...
after tat we went to the arcade to play some car racing. After tat bought ah goh a lipstick as a bday gift be4 we headed back home n here comes "d part"..
3 of us were like shouting woo woo woo woo in d car while ahgoh was driving n den thr was a curb infron't of ahgoh's car but she din saw i guess u guys kno wad happen in d end BAM!!..ok no luckily i saw it n i was like "ah goh!!curb!!"so she manage to turn her stearing wheel on time but den her car still hit onto d fron't part of the curb..but luckily her car wasn't very badly damaged..juz a lil damage on her's nt reali obvious though
last but nt least
happy bday ah goh =D
look who's in d hse??n whr d hell is my eyes?ok i tik i nida trim my hair one day
hellooooooo annyonghasaeyo ^^
dua gu act gina LMAO!!n ignore my expression..too pretty to be ignored =X