Friday, December 25, 2009

merry christmas~~^^

during christmas...went dwn to KL to celebrate it wif my relatives..ok im nt a christian but my KL relatives are =) here are wad we did for christmas
  • had a big turkey for dinner
  • sang christmas songs
  • had awesome christmas gift
  • played awesome games
  • celebrated my cousin's bday,Christine at 12oc sharp right after our christmas celebration
really had an enjoyable night on tht day...again we are a happy family...awww...^^
that's my cousin Christine=]
that's me(sad face) wif Mr.Moose d christmas moose...=S
no it was Carrie's puppet..
dun we look alike?=.=
That's my cousin,Jeremiah Tan=D wif his guitar

As for me....i just sing along...wad to do?i left my violin at home =(..tats y im havin a sad face*(scrolls up)
no im juz kiddin lolx
playin hmm(*thinking)...cant remember wads it called
It's sth like actionary...
and blieve me it's so so so funny to watch hw d elders play it...way hilarious but salute them at d same time ^^(*salute)
Christine's chocolate+banana bday cake...yummy!!!yummy!!!
oh ya..went to genting d nxt day..
tht's me wif Tabby..juz ignore my face n focus on d tiger...GRRR!!LMAO!!!